Eduard-Job-Foundation for Thermo- and Matterdynamics

Tasks and Goals

Dipl.-Ing. Eduard Job, Founder

Dipl.-Ing. Eduard Job, Founder

The Job Foundation was established in 2002 by Dipl.-Ing. Eduard Job, the proprietor of the Job group, a company for the production of heat responsive glass bulbs (so-called thermobulbs) for the sprinkler industry. His involvement in the Job Foundation resulted from the special importance of thermodynamics for his company and a strong personal interest in the matter. Eduard Job regretfully died in 2009. First, his heirs continued to support the foundation. In 2017, his brother, Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Job, thankfully took over this task.

The aim of the foundation is to support education, research and business in the fields of thermodynamics and matterdynamics. It promotes a variety of measures in pursuit of the below-stated goals.

Thermodynamics is generally considered a difficult science. Its historical development unfortunately has yielded a unique structure which is generally incompatible with those of other physical sciences thereby making an intuitive understanding difficult. By employing a modified approach and selecting a more powerful mathematical procedure, the educational framework can be simplified and the computational complexity can be drastically reduced without sacrifice of rigor. The resultant intuitively simple structure permits the early introduction of thermodynamics into schools.

Matterdynamics is not yet an independent field of study, appearing currently in unrelated aspects of chemistry (chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, quantum chemistry, etc.). However, matterdynamics has a structure analogous to thermodynamics and therefore, it can be represented in a similar simplified way and generalized far beyond chemistry.

Fundamental Concept
The approach pursued by the Job Foundation is based on a concept developed by Georg Job (Hamburg, Germany) and documented in his book „A New Concept of Thermodynamics – Entropy as heat”.

Starting point is the realization that the direct metrication of the common perception of heat led straight to the entity that is called entropy today. G. Job has demonstrated in his work that if entropy is allowed to play the role of what is commonly perceived as heat a new more elegant and slender but consistent dynamical theory of heat and matter can be derived. This approach includes both classical and statistical thermodynamics and surpasses the old approach in intuition, simplicity, practicality and conciseness.

Also the chemical potential is introduced by a phenomenological approach, i.e. the quantity is described by its directly observable properties, followed by a direct metrication. Starting from this central quantity, it is possible to explore many other fields up to quantum statistics.

Features of the New Concept

  • Uniform description of mechanical, electrical, thermal and material systems
  • Uniform description of microscopic, macroscopic, reversible, irreversible, static and kinetic systems 
  • Simplified thermodynamical calculus results in short calculations which are intuitively predictable and controllable
  • All quantities used within the new approach have a real physical counterpart
    Availability of simplification allows adaptation to various levels of school grade
  • Reduced effort in teaching and learning saves time and provides the opportunity to acquire more knowledge

Further informations can be found in the brochure of the Job foundation (pdf).