Eduard-Job-Foundation for Thermo- and Matterdynamics

Unfortunately, the Job Foundation has to discontinue its activities.

However, we would like to thank all users for their great interest over the last two decades. The resources for the textbook "Physical Chemistry from a Different Angle", such as the instructions to the experiments, are made available by Dr. Rüffler on the new website She would be delighted to welcome you to this website.

Thermodynamics „light“ – a New Didactic Concept

- an easy way into a difficult subject -

The classical thermodynamics

For repotting a flower the classical thermodynamics needs sometimes an excavator

Thermodynamics is generally considered a difficult science. Its historical development has resulted in an unique structure which is generally incompatible with those of other fields of physics and chemistry thereby making an intuitive understanding difficult.

Consequently, the new concept developed by G. Job considers only quantities, which describe a concrete physical or chemical property. The objective is to arrive efficiently and without ballast at the central quantities and equations necessary for description and calculation of substantial changes by consistent use of everyday experience and demonstration experiments. Therefore, the quantities entropy and chemical potential are introduced by phenomenological characterization and direct metrication. The chemical potential, however, takes a central position in the area of “chemical thermodynamics”. Starting from this central quantity, it is possible to explore many other fields up to quantum statistics.

The aim of the “Eduard-Job-Foundation for Thermo- and Matterdynamics” from Hamburg (Germany) founded in the year 2001 is to support education and research in the fields of thermo- and matterdynamics with particular consideration of the new concept.

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