Eduard-Job-Foundation for Thermo- and Matterdynamics

Book: Physical Chemistry

Georg Job, Regina Rüffler

Physical Chemistry from a Different Angle

The intention of the book is to impart the main features of matterdynamics in three parts: chemical thermodynamics (statics) (also referred to as “chemical thermodynamics”), progression of substance changes in time (kinetics) and interaction of electric fields (electrochemistry) and to give at the same time an overview about important branches of physical chemistry. Basic quantities and equations necessary for the qualitative and quantitative description of substantial changes are introduced directly to the reader by going on from everyday experiences and particulary numerous demonstration experiments.

Book: Physical Chemistry Workbook

Georg Job, Regina Rüffler

Physical Chemistry from a Different Angle Workbook

The workbook offers the excellent opportunity to deepen the understanding of the concepts presented in the textbook by addressing specific problems. It comprises almost 200 exercises, which are thematically linked to the textbook, in the first part. In the second part, the corresponding solutions are explained in detail step by step, thus enabling students to learn independently.

Book: A New Concept of Thermodynamics

Georg Job

A New Concept of Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is generally considered as a difficult and abstract subject, particularly by beginners. Its development appears arbitrary and unrelated to such topics as mechanics and electricity and its concepts are not easily clarified by making use of analogies to other areas of physics. The variety of abstract quantities such as entropy, enthalpy, state function, free energy, reversibility, fugacity, etc. make it hard for a student to attain a comprehensive overview of the subject.

Book: Historical Burdens of Physics

Friedrich Herrmann, Georg Job

Historical Burdens of Physics

The development of scientific knowledge is comparable with the evolution of biological systems. Just as every biological system inevitably contains fossils our physics syllabus contains obsolete concepts and methods. It is argued that the potential for simplifying the teaching of science by eliminating this historical burden is high.

Book: The Karlsruhe Physics Course


The Karlsruhe Physics Course

The Karlsruhe Physics Course is an attempt to modernize the physics syllabus by eliminating obsolete concepts, by restructuring the contents and by extensively applying a new model, the substance model.