Eduard-Job-Foundation for Thermo- and Matterdynamics

Georg Job

An elementary approach to quantum statistical problems (III)

The solution procedures discussed in Parts I and II essentially make use only of the existence of chemical potential, its concentration and energy dependency. However, if cleverly applied, they can also be used in the case of interaction between the dissolved, vaporized or adsorbed particles. For dissolved substances, this will be demonstrated with the he of the DEBYE-HÜCKEL theory of inter-ionic interaction. The van der Waal’s equation will serve as the example for gases. For adsorbed substances, we will show the procedure in general.

  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Double layers on electrode surfaces
  • Theory of interionic interaction
  • Van der Waal's gas
  • Adsorption with interaction
  • General systems of interacting particles
  • Statistical entropy
  • Review and outlook