Eduard-Job-Stiftung für Thermo- und Stoffdynamik

Entropieerzeugung in einem Entropiestrom


The simulation is started by pushing the start button in the upper right corner of the applet. A new simulation can only be started if the reset button is pushed first.

The experimental setup can be influenced by different parameters. The three following tables sort the parameters by position in the java applet (top, left, bottom) and give a brief description of there meaning.

parameter possible values description
heat conductor one material heat conductor material between the piston and the ice/water bottle
Cv 1.5, 3.5, 6.0, 6.5 degrees of freedom of the gas in the piston
diagram none to all optional output of selected thermodynamic properties in additional frames
Start   start of simulation
Reset   stops the simulation and resets all calculated values to their initial condition


parameter unit possible values description
mole mole > 0 amount of gas in the piston
pressure pa > 0 gas pressure in the piston
Vfac   > 0 and <1 factor for the calculation of the minimal gas volume during the cycle of the simulation
vk1 m3/s all except zero speed of the first process. Values <0 result in an expansion of the gas and values> 0 in compression
vk2 m3/s all except zero speed of the second process. Values <0 result in an expansion of the gas and values> 0 in compression
time1 s > 0 time of the first process
time2 s > 0 time of the second process


parameter possible values description
steps 0 amount of calculated steps for the expansion or compression
conductor segments 1 - 100 the length of the heat conductor is divided into this amount of segments
cycles > 0 number of compression and expansion cycles